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I moved to Oregon in 1979 with my husband and started a family.  As any mother believes, educating our children is very important, I chose to spend as much time with them and when I could, I began to bake.  Initially for friends and family, but as the requests and volume grew I decided to start my own business.  This gave me the opportunity of being with my 4 children and having the ability to work around their needs.

With a recipe that has not changed over many generations in our family, being handed down over the years from mother to daughter, I bake as much shortbread as I possibly can to meet the ever growing needs of my customers.

Today, my mother enjoys to tell her great grandchildren stories of when she was a little girl.  How she and her siblings would excitedly wash their faces and hands to wait patiently for afternoon tea with their own great grandma with the rewards of fresh baked shortbread,aromas that had been wafting throughout the cottage for hours.  

We take pride in our shortbread and would love for you to try it. See where we are this week at a Highland Games or maybe Farmers Market in the Portland Oregon area near you.

Or order online and we will ship it to you within the USA.

Who are we?

We are a family run business specializing in luxury Scottish Shortbread made from a 6th generation family recipe.

Originally from Scotland,